5 Blogs that I read constantly

5 Blogs that I read constantly
Photo by Kenny Eliason / Unsplash

Seriously, I’d be lost without them.

I keep coming to the same 5 blogs over and over again. These are my 5 prefered sources of certified nerdiness; some are French, some speak English, but they’re all guaranteed to be 100% nerdy.

Abou Djaffar

Don’t let the cover, background and profile picture fool you. The blog of Abou Djaffar is one of these blogs that I cannot pass two days without checking (sorry: it speaks French).

The guy writing this blog presents himself (or herself?) as a former intelligence officer. He claims to have worked both in a major French intelligence office and with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I tend to give him credit for his claims. His analysis of the terror attacks in Paris in early January speaks volumes about his aptitudes as an analyst. He also makes great book and movie reviews, including a great obituary of Tom Clancy.

Plus I really loved the way he trashed Michel Onfray after he published that idiotic paper in Le Monde.

OMG! Ubuntu!

This one is my favorite source of Ubuntu-related news. It’s not really a blog though — the website looks like it’s backed by a publishing company — but it’s always a good read.

The site has a sister-site called OMG! Chrome! specializing in — you guessed it — Google Chrome news.

Everyday Carry

Everyday Carry is really fun. The website specializes in gear and gadgets. From what I understand the pictures are submissions (are they?). And boy do American guys love knives!

The best part? The pictures have these links that you can click to satisfy your impulse purchase habit. Yay pack of field notes pads and Timex Weekender watches on Amazon!

Wire to the Ear

The guy behind this blog is Oliver Chesler aka The Horrorist, a well respected EBM producer from New York. It’s my main source of modular synth geekiness and audio production tips. He’s got an impressive collection of synths and drum machines, and he does not shy from showing off!

If you are into this kind of stuff — and you should btw — make sure to check his YouTube channel and his Instagram account.

My Linux Rig

This blog has a great section called The Linux Setup where the owner interviews developers, students, artists, etc., about their computing setup. It’s a great source of inspiration: distributions to check out, desktop environements, etc.

I love the last question and the screenshots are always cool!

Bonus blogs

If you love cats and synths

If you love typography — this one is brilliant and should get its own post