A great weekend

A great weekend
Photo by Cassandra Liau / Unsplash

I went to the Brooklyn record fair a couple of weeks ago, all on my own and it was very cool. The event took place in the Brooklyn Flea Market and was somehow sponsored by a well known brand of energy drinks heavily invested in all things musical these days.

I got there and I was pleased to see that Minimal Wave had a stand there, and cupcakes too! I got myself two cool records: the KVB remix EP and the Sandra Plays Electronics LP from Regis and Silent Servant. The artwork is very nice, check it out. I have a huge respect for Minimal Wave, the label who re-released these awesome Oppenheimer Analysis tracks.

Long story short, Regis and Silent Servant were under a small tent blasting nice synthetic music and punk rock from two abused KRK monitors, and Regis ended with this Birmingham punk classic – just before the rain fell on everyone.